10 May, 2009

Being a parent is...

1. being tired

2. being loved unconditionally

3. always picking something up

4. answering the same question several times

5. feeling joy

6. reminders not to run around "nakee"

7. having time to read a book but not time to do dishes

8. running out of laundry detergent

9. finding lost items under your child's bed

10. trying not to be late

11. slobbery cracker kisses

12. clipping fingernails

13. waiting for bed time

14. loving the feeling of holding a little hand

15. one more goodnight kiss
I would love if everybody would fill this out. I can't wait to read your answers.

01 May, 2009

The Run for the Roses!

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited for the Kentucky Derby! Growing up in Kentucky meant learning that it was a very big deal. One of the favorite things that we did was to make derby hats. For those of you who don't know the Kentucky Derby is a time for the elite ladies to wear these elaborate hats. Thousands of dollars per hat and they will only be worn once. I Know! Though lately the hats have been more toned down from the ones they wore when I was growing up. (For the gentlemen you try to have the winning horse and the best multi-million dollar party. But that is a horse of a different color.) It is only two minutes but entire fortunes are made or lost every year, so it can be very exciting. Anyway- We would always get out hats or make them from newspaper and stick everything imaginable on them. We tried to be done by the time the race started so that we could wear our hats and cheer on our favorite horse. It was so much fun growing up. And now I get to do it with my own family. My wife thinks I'm nuts, but the girls seem to like it.