27 July, 2009


Take a watermelon and cut it into wedges.
Load the wedges into a blender and liquify them.
Pour the liquid into a shallow dish and put into the freezer
Stir every half hour until slushie consistensy.

Pour the liquid into ice cube trays and let freeze solidly.
Put "ice" cubes into a tall glass to about 3/4 full.
Pour Sprite onto the cubes to about 3/4 full.
Put cream, Cool Whip or even yogurt on top and CAREFULLY stir into the drink.
YUM!!! Redux


I am sooooo bad at this!

I never know what to say on here! It is crazy! Before I had my blog I was telling Leahona things to put on hers all the time and now I can never think of anything!
We'll just have to start again. Arrivederci!