26 July, 2010

Still Settling

We are still loving having our own space. It is so nice to get up in the morning and be in my own house.

This past weekend our town had a centennial celebration. It was so much fun. We had a dear friend come down and spend the night with us. We went to the sock hop at the old gymnasium. We made it in time to see the crowning of the centennial court. Bella really liked that.

The next morning we spent some time making tiny handcarts and paper bonnets. It was nice to be able to share so much of church history and the gospel with our friend. After lunch we walked down and sat underneath a shady tree and watched the parade. Bella had so much fun running around collecting the toys and candy the floats were throwing. She made out almost as good as Halloween.

We are still waiting for the vegetables to decide it is time to start zooming up, but we do have several tomatoes coming along in size and the zucchini bloomed for the first time this morning. So we'll see.

Had to replace the entire front stairs up to the porch. That was fun, but it is done now and only needs a coat of paint.

And don't worry we will be putting up pictures as we are able. Love you all.

08 July, 2010


We finally got the keys to our house! It was fun to spend that first night there, wake up in the morning and go on vacation. We spent an enjoyable Fourth visiting with family in eastern Washington. My parents came up and came back over with us to see the new house. They were a big help with getting things cleaned-don't' ask.
We really appreciate their help- sorry that your vacation wasn't more restful.
Just getting settled now and loving it. Thanks Mom and Dad for helping the girls to not be afraid of the trains as they go by.