25 April, 2009

Take your children to work day

This is not Isabella, but it is too early to have picture of her in the garden this year.
Thursday was take your children to work day. Unfortunately ShopKo does not participate in this, but I do. After I got off of work i had to go and do some gardening. Isabella was wearing Mommy's nerves very thin so she ended up coming with me to learn how to pull weeds. We had fun. Isabella did actually help pull some weeds but then ended up 'making buttons" and "teaching the bears about flowers". But the sun was out, and we didn't get rained on so I would say it was a success.

22 April, 2009


I love magnolias! they have always been some of my favorite spring blossoms. When they start they look like tubes of lipstick. Then they pop open and have such lovely colors and big flowers. and then the petals fall to the ground and the are so soft. They make the best blankets for you fairy house. Oh Magnolias! You are the embodiment of spring!

04 April, 2009


I recently joined Facebook and have found a lot of people that I grew up with. These "peers" of mine and I never really saw eye to eye doing teenagerdom and so it has surprised me how easily I have found myself talking to them and actually feeling comfortable with it. And then I realized something. In my teen years I always felt more comfortable around adults than anyone my own age. Give me a middle-aged lady over a teenager any day. Now I feel more at ease talking to the peers of my teens because they are all in about the same situation in life as me and have finally entered the place I've been in for years- Adultland. I am so glad though to be able to reconnect and develope real relationships with those who share memories of those interesting years. It makes me feel... adult.