06 June, 2010

Busy Saturday

We had a very full day. Isabella had a birthday party at ten. We then went to lunch with friends. And then we went to the Duck Dash.
It was so much fun! They have this huge bin full of thousands of rubber ducks which all have a number on the bottom. You can buy a ticket for $5 which corresponds with the duck's number. (The proceeds support the Rotary Club.) Then the bin of ducks is lifted high above the Deschutes River just below Tumwater Falls and the ducks are dropped out. The first fifteen ducks to cross the finish line at the bottom have the chance of winning fabulous prizes such as a new car, thousands of dollars, a year of free ice cream etc... but your number has to match.
And there are vendors set up for eatables. A live band from several local high schools and all of the kiddie activity booths. Iyla and Bella especially enjoyed going down the 21 foot tall inflatable slide. I got to go down with Iyla because the steps were really steep. It was soooo fun! We were both giggling because of the butterflies in our stomachs. I'm assuming that Bella had a good time too because she wasn't crying, but she had already gone off to do something else by the time I got down.
Then Leahona and I gave the girls to my most wonderful mother-in-law and went to a local restaurant for an adult cousin's couples birthday party. It was fun until we got the call informing us that Iyla had consumed some reed diffuser oil and was at the emergency room.
We rushed out as quickly as we could. She had already been discharged when we got there. The instructions were to give her lots of milk and keep an eye on her. She coughed and hacked all night, but is doing much better this morning. SCARY! So glad she is all right.