23 February, 2009


Kids pick the oddest things to be obedience to. The other day Isabella was running through the house all day as fast as she could. As a result she kept tripping over things and complaining very loudly about it. I suggested that she might want to slow down. A little while later she shouted that she had to go potty. I said lets hurry to the bathroom so you don' t leak. I got to the bathroom first to find that there was no Bella behind me. "Bella, hurry so you don't get your pants wet." In reply from the family room and in the most earnest voice- "Dad, I'm slowing down!"

And yesterday we had Leahona's sister and her family over to dinner. Bella didn't want to go potty before they arrived so we told her that she could tell them hi and then she needed to go potty right away. Leahona and I were in the kitchen when Isabella said hi. Brynn started laughing. We come out to the living room to find Brynn laughing and Jason covering his eyes with his hand. Apparently we had been taken quite seriously because Bella had no sooner said hello than she pulled down her pants and underwear right there in front of them and run of to be obedient!

I hope that Isabella will always be so obediant, just in less of a public fashion! J